Ogeneral AC Service Center In Pune
Ogeneral AC Service Center In Pune
Ogeneral AC Service Center In Pune
Ogeneral AC Service Center In Pune
Ogeneral AC Service Center In Pune
Ogeneral AC Service Center In Pune
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O general AC Service Center in Pune

General is a brand of Air conditioners which is owned by Fujitsu and it is situated in Japan. They manufacture many household gadgets like washing machines, refrigerators, Air conditioners, TV, etc. Are the gadgets they manufacture so, if you need any household gadget then our OGeneral AC Service Center in Pune will provide you those gadgets and the Ogeneral is famous for its Air conditioners because their Air conditioners have a longer life so, most of the people prefer to use those Air conditioners in their households, so, the Ogeneral is popular as Air conditioner manufacturers.

Ogeneral spilt AC Service Centerin Pune

Ogeneral Spilt AC Service Center In Pune

As we know O general provides many household gadgets and in those gadgets, there are many types like in washing machines there are Semi-automatic, Fully-automatic, Front-load, and Top-load washing machines, etc. In refrigerators, there are Single-door, Double-door, Side-by-side, and Dais Refrigerators, etc. Air conditioners are Split, duct, smart, central, and much more. TVs are LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED, etc. So, most people like the ogeneral products and if any of such household gadgets gets damaged and needs to be repaired, then you can directly contact us, so we can provide you a genuine service on any kind of household gadgets. We offer highly qualified technicians to do the required work for genuine service.

Ogeneral Window AC Service Center In Pune

Ogeneral Window AC Service Center In Pune

Types of Air conditioners:-

Split Air conditioner:-

The Split Air Conditioner is one of the most commonly used air conditioners in houses because of its easy installability, its ability to be mounted on any wall, and the way it looks when hanging. Therefore, Split Air Conditioners are popular among households. Compressors are located outside, while condensers are located inside. Hot air is blown outside by the compressor, while cold air is recirculated inside the room by the condenser.

Duct Air conditioner:-

Shopping malls, hotels, large buildings, and so on are often equipped with air conditioners in the duct. There is a place where they are used.

Window Air conditioner:-

Home air conditioners of this type are the most common. Air conditioners remove heat and replace it with cool air. It is recommended to keep these air conditioners outside. These air conditioners are the most common type of air conditioner. In this window, the air conditioner fits perfectly.

Central Air conditioner:-

Cooling the air is the purpose of these Air conditioners. On the seal of the central room, there is an air conditioner. Cool and warm air are provided by these air conditioners. Shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels typically use this type of air conditioner.

Floor mounted Air conditioner:-

The space they occupy in a room is less with floor-mounted Air conditioners, their structure makes them convenient for use in a household, and they have become the most widely used and popular types of Air conditioners in households.

Hybride Air conditioner:-

This type of air conditioner operates on solar energy, giving you cool air. This type of air conditioner is common in homes. We can save money on our electricity bills with these types of Air conditioners. We breathe cool air as a result of these Air conditioners.

Smart Air conditioner:-

A smart air conditioner uses a phone. Smart homes use these types of air conditioners. Changing the weather of a room with this kind of A/C provides a cool atmosphere. From the phone, we will be able to control the AC when we buy this air conditioner.

Common issues of Air conditioners:-

Air conditioner not turning on:-

The coil was blocking the fan of the air conditioner, so the air conditioner would not turn on. Nothing happens when the air conditioner is turned on. If so, you should hire a trained technician. We had the Air conditioner fixed within a few hours. 

Air conditioner refrigerant leak:-

A technician must be called if your air conditioner refrigerant leaks. You must add refrigerant to the system. The leakage of the A/C is repaired by a professional.

Air conditioner not blowing cold Air:-

When the air conditioner does not blow cold air, it is because the refrigerant may be out of balance, then you must add more refrigerant or your technician will solve the problem. 

Air conditioner electric control failure:-

Infrequent usage, the compressor and fan controls of your air conditioner can wear out. To start the unit, the condenser fan motor, compressor, and blower motor are connected by an electrical cable.

Air conditioner frozen evaporator coils:-

Closing down your unit is the first thing you should do if your evaporator coil is frozen. Confirm that it will be displayed at the breaker box. When the coil is frozen, the system can be severely damaged.

Air conditioner freezing up out of the unit:-

You can repair your air conditioner if it freezes up outside. This type of problem typically occurs when airflow is blocked, ductwork is closed, or condenser coils are not cleaned sufficiently. 

Air conditioner making noises:-

Your air conditioner may make noise, which indicates a problem with the fan motor and it may be a broken motor in the compressor fan. A technician from our company fixes their problems

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O General AC Service Center In Pune 

Address: 219/1/06, Matru Chhaya Society, Nilanjali Society, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Working Days: Monday – Sunday 

Working Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM

Contact Number: 8985647494

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